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portrait photo of Jonas Schönfelder, in the background you can see trees and a lake

Hello, my name is Jonas Schönfelder and I am a journalist. I studied journalism in Berlin from 2014 until 2017 and afterwards I did internships at various media outlets in Germany. In 2018 I was in Canada for eleven months to learn more about the country and to work. Especially the city Yellowknife in the north left a big impression on me.

I’m eagerly interested in politics and society and I enjoy listening to podcasts very much.


You can reach me via email at You can send me encrypted emails using my public PGP key (fingerprint: 3FBD E263 7717 A344 B6FA 16A3 A51F 92E5 152D E465). My ID on the encrypted messaging app Threema is XMAXM9DE. I have open DMs on Twitter.

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