People of Yellowknife

What does the work of a bush pilot look like? How does it feel to grow up as an indigenous person? And why do people live in floating homes? This podcast gives answers.


Episode Cover of the first episode about bush flying

Bush flying: Joel Strong-Covello

Joel Strong-Covello explains what bush flying is and how he became a pilot.

Episode Cover of the first episode about indigenous life

Indigenous life: Catherine Lafferty

Catherine Lafferty speaks about what it means to be indigenous in today’s world and what struggles she had growing up.

About »People of Yellowknife«

In 2018 I lived in Yellowknife for three months. During this time I was astonished of how different this place is to what I am used to in Germany, my homecountry. The city is surrounded by a vast, rocky landscape, the sound of float planes is omnipresent and the first snow arrives as early as mid-September.

For this show, I’ve had conversations with six locals: about their work, their way of living and the hard times of their lives.

A flying raven

You wonder why the logo of the podcast shows a raven? That’s simply because I haven’t seen more ravens in any other place than in Yellowknife. So for me the raven became iconic for the city.

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